Create or update multiple Services in the Billing engine.
Create or update multiple services in the master file data of the engine. Because of performance and transactional issues it is recommended to transfer about 100 services within one synchronous call. All transfered services will be either created or updated. The identCode and scenarioIdentCode (these are key values) of the service will be checked before processing. In case of any unfilled key value, nothing will be done. In case of other problems for a single service e.g locking or invalid identCode values the processing is usually continued with the next service, skipping, the problematic service. This means the record will be skipped completely and processing will continue with the next service. Anyway such errors will set the hasErrors or hasWarnings to true. To analyse situations check the response for details. Possible messageIdentCodes are documented in AbstractResponseDTO, BSetServiceMasterFileDataResponseDTO, BServiceMFResultDTO, AbstractResponseItemDTO and BServiceMFResultDTO

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