🧳 Packing Items

Packed items

Some carriers or some shipping scenarios (e.g. dangerous goods) require that items are not just listed within the shipment, but they must be assigned to packages.

How to pack items

The following example shows how to pack items using the createShipment (but you can also use the processShipment) call.

  "packages": [
      "packageTypeIdentCode": "BOX",
      "packageNumber": "1",
      "packageTransactionId": "PACKAGE_TEST_1",
      "referenceNumber1": "PACKAGE_TEST_1",
      "grossWeight": {
        "value": "25",
        "unit": "kg"
      "containedItems": [
          "itemTransactionId": "ITEM_TEST_1",
          "referenceNumber1": "ITEM_TEST_1",
          "quantityValue": "10"