Getting Started

You want to add document or label generation to your current ERP system? You want to print documents, or labels using data of your system? Or you need to upload, save and archive documents?Or do you intend to relate uploaded documents to a business object? No problem: State-of-the-art APIs make it easy to integrate document service into your IT environment.


In order to optimally use the full potential of the Document Service, it is important to look around and see what's available there.

  1. First, there are some Document processors. This helps you to understand what kind of documents we can generate for you.
  2. Categorized by the Document processor tag, there exist Document templates. See which templates we have already prepared for you.
  3. Then, pick a template and generate documents with it. Use the existing examples or your own data.

Quick Examples

Playing around with the API

  • Go to the API Reference of this documentation.
  • Authenticate yourself by entering "user@client" and your password into the auth popup, right next to the try it button.


  • Go to the Swagger UI of the demo engine.
  • Authenticate yourself by clicking the Authorize button at the top of the page and entering your authentication data.
  • Navigate to the Document Service section below on the page for the Document Service methods.

Authentication data

User: API_TEST@APITEST (it is a combination of the internal User: API_TEST and Client: APITEST)
Password: API_TEST2021

The API is only available via Secure Socket Layer (SSL).