Synchronizing settlements and external invoices

Logistics Cost Management provides APIs to track changes of settlements and external invoices. These APIs allow partner systems to fetch data about changes that happened in Logistics Cost Management.


Typical use cases for synchronization

  • Trace progress of invoice audit or settlement process.
  • React to status milestones of settlements and external invoices.

How to synchronize settlements?


Enable tracking of changed settlements

Before synchronization, tracking of changes must be set up within Logistics Cost Management.

  1. Request changed settlements
    • Partner system calls getChangedSettlements .
    • The return contains a list of up to 100 objects that were changed since the last synchronization.
    • The return also contains a flag isComplete that indicates whether there are further objects that need to be synchronized. This flag is relevant for step 3.
  2. Process changed settlements and acknowledge recieve.
    • The partner system processes the objects and calls acknowledgeChangedSettlements.
    • The objects are now marked as "synchronized" in Logistics Cost Management.
    • If the partner system could not process the objects successfully it should not call acknowledgeChangedSettlements. The next call to getChangedSettlements will then return the same objects as before.
  3. Repeat if synchronization is not complete
    • If there are more changed objects to synchronize go back to step 1.

How to synchronize external invoices?

External invoices are synchronized analogously to the procedure above by using getChangedExternalInvoices and acknowledgeExternalInvoice.