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Getting started

Playing around with the API

If you just want to play around with the API Methods of Carrier Select, you can use one of the following options.

  • Go to the API Reference of this documentation and navigate to the Carrier Select section.
  • Authenticate yourself by entering "user@client" and your password into the auth popup, right next to the try it button.


  • Authenticate yourself by clicking the Authorize button at the top of the page.
  • Go to the Swagger UI of the demo engine.
  • Navigate to the RoutingBFBean section of the page for the Carrier Select methods.

Manually setting up the API

The Carrier Select API methods can be found at:

REST (OpenApi)

*ENGINE_URL*/rest/openapi.json (e.g.


*ENGINE_URL*/servlet/bf/RoutingBF?WSDL (e.g.

For Authentication see: REST Authentication

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Getting started

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