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Loading Dock Scheduling Objects


Loading Location

A Loading location represents a physical location, e.g. a warehouse, that has one or more loading ramps at which vehicles can dock to load and unload materials.

Some information a Loading Location can contain:

  • Location specific Settings
    • Default time slot length
    • Lead time
    • ...
  • Holiday calendar
  • Address

Loading Ramp

A loading ramp always belongs to a specific Loading Location. It represents a loading ramp at which vehicles can dock to load or unload.
Time slots are used to indicate that a loading ramp is occupied by a vehicle.

Some information a Loading Ramp can contain:

  • Ramp type (Loading, Unloading, Loading & Unloading)

Loading Order

A Loading Order is used to represent an order that needs to be processed at a loading ramp.
It contains information about the transport that needs to be processed, such as:

  • Loading Type (Loading, Unloading, Loading & Unloading)
  • License plate number
  • Driver contact info
  • Forwarder
  • Loaded items
  • Documents

Time Slot

A Time Slot is the time period of time at a specific loading ramp at which the connected loading order is processed.

It can contain the following information:

  • Loading Order for which the time slot is booked
  • Loading Ramp at which the time slot is booked
  • Preparation time
  • Post processing time
  • Planned arrival / departure
  • Actual arrival / departure

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Loading Dock Scheduling Objects

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