Document Preparation

When you have picked up a template and got a data file, you can generate a final document from it. Some typical situations are described in the following paragraphs. You might find them useful for your individual use-case.

Staged Documents

  • Synchronous or asynchronous document preparation and storage
  • Retrieval of created documents within a 35-day period
  • Prerequisite for archiving
  • Visual document data editing (PDF-XFA templates only)
  • Upload of external documents
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Staged Document Instances

  • Initial manual effort required to create some configurations in the Document Service (document types, reference object types, output settings)
  • Simpler document manipulation (thanks to predefined configuration for archiving, printing, content variants etc.)
  • Supports document printing (AEB Cloud Printing Service installation required on premises)
  • Please approach your AEB project contact person in case you intend to use this variant!
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