📤 Attach and upload documents to transmit them to the carrier

At times, it becomes necessary to electronically transmit documents, such as export accompanying documents, to a carrier. Our addShipmentAttachments API call offers a convenient solution for attaching documents to an existing shipping order. Alternatively, you can manually attach a document via the Carrier Connect GUI.


How to transmit documents

Learn how to transmit documents electronically to carriers via Carrier Connect: Document upload


Note mark shipping order as completed

When you attach a document, please ensure that the relevant shipping order is not marked as completed (doCompletion = false)


Electronic transmission of documents to a carrier

For electronic transmission of documents to a carrier, it is imperative to have an appropriate value-added service, such as "DHL Express Paperless Trade", implemented in Carrier Connect. By selecting this service in the shipping order, you can seamlessly transmit the required documents to the carrier. For further details, please refer to our system description.

  "clientSystemId": "ERP",
  "clientIdentCode": "APITEST",
  "userName": "API_TEST",
  "resultLanguageIsoCodes": "en",
  "shipmentReference": {
    "shipmentNumber": "SHIPMENT_TEST_1"
  "mode": "UPDATE",
  "attachments": [
      "filename": "invoice.pdf",
      "mimeType": "application/pdf",
      "data": "akfasjfkasdjlfakHH",
      "contentType": "PRO_FORMA_INVOICE"